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Baremetal Install Troubleshooting


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Hi guys,


I am a newbie with Expenology so do forgive me if my questions seem naive.


Well, I installed Xpenology quite smoothly on my PC as a virtual machine but when I tried installing Xpenology on a bare metal server I am getting a continuous loop of DSM asking me to migrate/reinstall.


I have spent hours, actually weeks, reading various forum posts so I know a bare metal install is possible but I can't figure out what I am doing wrong.


I have used the USB method, editing the PID, VID, serial number and Mac address in the.cfg file

I am trying to install DSM 5.2 5644


Can I seek some help here?


My baremetal server specs are as follows:

Supermicro motherboard X8DTN+

CPU: 2 x Xeon E5645


Backplane: BPN-SAS2-826EL1 826 backplane with single LSI SAS2X28 expander chip

Raid Controller: LSI 9211-8I JBOD HBA CARD

Hard drives: Tried various HGST HDDs and Samsung SSDs with same result

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I'm a bit confused about what you are doing, but then if you have been struggling with this for a while, then you have tried "everything".

So. In your searches, have you found that your LSI card is supported?

What version of the bootloader are you using and where did you source it?

I just found the USB stick I was previously using for 5644.5 and I seem to have been running the unmodified cfg file. So you shouldn't need to modify anything.

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Hi bilat 29,


Well, regarding what I am doing: I am really trying to get a working install of DSM on my server.

Yes, I'm just like most people here, who will of course 'try everything' that possibly comes to mind to solve the issue.


Regarding your question of LSI card, there are 2 answers to this:

a. I have already tried the install without the LSI card, and ended up with the same 'migration loop of death'.

b. LSI card seems to be working well for our forum user: snoopy78 as you can read from: viewtopic.php?f=2&t=6772


Version of bootloader: XPEnoboot 5.2-5644.5 DS3615xs

Download source: http://xpenology.me/downloads/

Pat file: DSM_5.2-5644

Download source: http://download.synology.com/download/D ... s_5644.pat


Am I doing something right/wrong?

Anything I should be adding or modifying?


Thanks again for helping me look into the this. :smile:

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Thanks bglf83 and billat 29,


I went through all my steps again and realized I was not using the matching Pat file with the lead bootloader.

After correcting that, my baremetal Install went smoothly with version 5.2 5644.


I noted you tried version 5.2 5592 to be stable.

*May I ask where can I download the bootloader and it's matching pat file?

*Some of the well known Xpenology sites that provide download repositories are not always online.


I also tried Jun's loader but the DSM's internal IP was never found so later I checked that the onboard supermicro NIC or Ethernet chipset, Intel 82576 may not have it's driver included in Jun's bootloader.


Oh man, look like I may have to either:

A. Use a stable version of 5.2 that includes my existing Ethernet chipset drivers.


B. Buy a new Ethernet PCI-E card with a supported chipset and then use version 6 with Jun's bootloader.


**If I go with option B. , do I need to disable the onboard Supermicro NIC during the install?

Or will Jun's bootloader automatically detect all available NICs and use the one with supported drivers to put out DSM's internal network IP?

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