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Moving from Synology... A few questions...


So I've got a little two drive synology which gives me 3TB in Raid1, and I actually have another 3tb drive connected via USB2 which is serving as an archive drive to recoup some space on the internal drives.


I've quickly outgrown this setup and have bought a Dell T110 ii server which is an e3-1240, 32GB EEC ram, 16 drive raid card and 4 drive onboard raid with 6x 3TB 7200 SATA3 NAS drives and two 240GB SSD drives.


I'm intending on running xpenology on a vm along side a game server and a dev server.


Should I be using HW raid setup for xpenology? or do I need to use the raid card as a simple HBA like I would with Freenas and ZFS for example.


Ideally I want to use raid10 for the faster read/write benefits giving me 9TB useable, hardware raid to reduce resource waste as I would obviously want to run the game server and dev server vms too.


Any advice would be great. Thanks in advance!

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