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Why my external USB drive showing as uninitialized drive instead of usb_share?



In DSM 6 when I connect an external USB drive it will be available as usb_share shared folder.

Now in DSM 7 the same external USB drive is shown in HDD/SSD page in Storage Manager as 

uninitialized drive AND it allows the drive to be included in a RAID array!!.

The drive has data on it and can be accessed from my own PC.

I want the DSM 6 behaviour, how to do that?


Using ARPL 1.1-beta2a

Model: DS3622xs+

DSM: DSM 7.1.1-42962 Update 5





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I solved this problem by changing the model to DS920+ which uses device tree for drive slot mapping.

Now external USB drives are treated as so and not as fixed drives, and they appear as usb_share shared folder.

But this model loader has support only for SATA controller, No support for SCSI/HBA controllers which means 

DSM cannot see drives attached to SCSI/HBA controllers. But that was fine in my case since I use SATA only.


Despite this I'm still waiting for a solution to other models using sataportmap/diskidxmap slot mapping like 





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