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[Help] 2TB External HDD blank but ext4 works



I already posted this in jun loader forum but, thought it should be a separate thread. I am on DSM6 update 9 on Baremetal PC.


A 2TB NTFS formatted external HDD (Seagate BUP slim) when connected shows as blank in file Explorer. I can create folders in it, but none will be "visible" in the usbshare. You can confirm if the HDD is read by creating a new folder which already exist and DSM will not create the folder with existing folder name.


But they DO get created and shown properly in DSM if I format the HDD as ext4. Why is this so? Cant seem to find an explanation. Can anybody help?


I do need it to be formatted as NTFS so that I can use it in windows also.

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Indeed it seems like ntfs is not supported at all.

mount -t ntfs

always fails with an unknown filesystem error. I actually tried this on actual Synology hardware too, a DS413j running DSM 6.1, and same problem, so it's not an xpenology problem. It have something to do with GPT partitions, but the other partitions mount fine so I don't know...

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4tb seagate expansion usb disk, mbr (not gpt) nfts

no problem with dsm 6.1 (usb3, virtualbox, usb device hand over to vm)

disk/partition is recognised, writing over network and local dsm filemanager works and created folders are intantly seen on both "views", so diiference so see how it worked with dsm 5

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