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I have an LSI 9211-8i IT-mode. 
Will the Toshiba (KIOXIA) MG08SDA800E 8TB SAS 12Gb/s HDD see it? 
I want to use 3622xs+ and LSI 9211-8i IT-mode + Automated Redpill Loader + DSM 7.X.X and eight MG08SDA800E HDDs.

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i never tied sas drives myself but there are a lot of people with dell and hpe servers and i'd guess at least some would have sas drives as this the the normal for "real" business servers

if you already have one drive the you can just install with arpl loader and see what happens

when using the forum search can find people using sas disks with the recent loaders for 7.x

problem with sas disk seems be fixed since july 2022


i guess it might be possible to try that with virtual sas disks in a hypervisor or oracle virtualbox

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8 hours ago, Panteon said:

do you mean 3622xs+ ?

imho it should work as long as lsi sas controller is supported/working, afaik the api calls are shim'ed (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shim_(computing))) and that happens "hidden" in the lower levels of the loader so it will be in place on every variant as the red pill kernel module is the same for all

3622 is the safest choice as it has lsi sas controller drivers ootb from synology

i was planing to get out my test hardware again next week to play around with sa6400 (kernel 5.x) and dsm 7.2 might no be hard to test sas disks in addition as is have a 9211-8i around and some sas cables and drives at work

but as mentioned above, when using the forum search you ca find people using sas drives so i'm pretty sure it will work



As the LKM supports SAS-to-SATA emulation for the purpose of syno APIs thinking it's a "SATA" device further investment into true SAS doesn't really make sense. 


as example here you have one system with arpl and sas drives working https://xpenology.com/forum/topic/63399-cant-resolve-disks-with-tcrp-ryzen-motherboard/?do=findComment&comment=289109



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