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[SOLVED] Junos Loader DSM6 HP Gen8 DTS audio?

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Hello community, I have HP Microserver Gen8 with Celeron G1610T CPU, running Junos loader DSM6 Update 9.

I have noticed, that in Video station, all movies with DTS audio do not play.

I have found, that I need to install FFMPEG package here: ... o-station/

I have downloaded the packages and there is plenty of them, depending on the original CPU in Synology NAS devices.

Please advice which package to install or how to make DTS audio movies play in DSM6 Video station.



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Thanks for suggestion, I have installed FFMpeg from the SynoCommunity and it looks it is workong now.

However the Celeron G1610T seems to be having trouble to transcode the FHD video with DTS audio.

It'100% CPU load and the playback is laggy.

But this can be considered as closed.

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