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DSM 5.2 on P5Q Pro


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Hi all,


First off huge thanks to everyone out there that has committed so much time and effort to this project - fantastic work.


I'm currently running FreeNAS and found out about xpenology from a coworker and decided to give it a shot. I demoed 5.2 in a VM and absolutely loved the feature set so started the process of rebuilding my box with it.


Unfortunately I've hit a snag, I'm booting off of USB for install and with 5.2-5644.5 or 5.2-5967.1 my box pulls a self-assigned 169.x address which leads me to believe the NIC driver didn't load up properly. I've recycled some old hardware into my NAS box, and it looks like the P5Q Pro runs an Atheros L1e NIC which is on the comparability list.


Anybody else running on this hardware and/or had any issues with this before? One other odd thing is that my USB keyboard goes dark after booted up to xpenology (which worked seconds before when picking the install/upgrade option).


Thanks in advance for any help.

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For anyone else that stumbles upon this, I figured out the issue.


I had my SATA config set to IDE and while booting up it was hanging on loading one of the components (sataii.xxx) or something like that. I read that AHCI mode was required for DSM anyway so I flipped it.


After that, voila DSM booted up just fine. Easy enough to do, I just didn't think that would be the fix.

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