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What hardware are you using ? and how do you use them ?

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Wanted to start a thread where everyone can post the hardware they are using.

Its nice to learn what everyone is using out there.


Right now im using :


Bootloader : Jun 1.01 on all systems

DSM : 6.0.2-8451 Update 9 on all systems


HP Microsever N40L - Baremetal

8gig RAM

4x 2TB seagate HDD's

Volume = SHR / btrfs


HP Microserver Gen8 - Baremetal

Intel Celeron G1610T

4gig RAM

3x 2TB WD Red HDD's

Volume = SHR / btrfs


VMware 6.5 - Used at work for team file sharing.

2gig RAM

300gig allocated drive space from datastore

Volume = basic


Synology DS216J

2x 4TB WD Red HDD's

Volume = SHR / Ext4


The DS216J is my main system believe it or not. I want low power consumption.

So this is my main system that runs 24/7

It runs Download Station with RSS feeds to auto download all my series. I manually search within Download Station for movies im looking for.

I use Photo Station for all our family photos (70gigs plus and growing each day), my wife (who is photo crazy) takes all the photos on her phone so it is auto backed up to Photo Station from her phone.

I use Cloud Station on my phone to backup some folders on my phone to my NAS.

I use Cloud Sync to sync my Google Drive with my NAS

my system is fully accessible from the Internet and i use DS File Station to share files etc with friends and family.


The HP Gen8 is a mirror backup of my DS216J with a shared folder sync setup between them. So i have 2 complete copies of all my files.


The HP N40L is just a system i use to mess around on at home as well. I have no real need for it. But it is my test system when there are new loaders out or DSM upgrades etc.


The VM is used at my work to share work related files between the team. We all sync to the same folder so we all have access the same set of files etc.

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Bootloader : Jun 1.01 - great job and kudos to Juno

DSM : 6.0.2-8451 Update 9


bare metal

HP Microserver Gen8

8 GiB of RAM

Intel Celeron G1610T

Stock HP SATA/Raid Controller

1x WD 1TB SATA Disk

1x WD 2TB SATA Disk

1x 500GB SATA Disk for old stuff

Volume: Basic, each disk has it's own volume of the size of the whole disk

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home NAS (Xpenology):

- file server, DLNA, FTP, DL Station, Photo Station, Cloud ...

- Jun's Boot loader 1.01, DSM 6.0.2, update 9

- build on Asus B85M-K, 4x SATA3 + 2xSATA2, socket 1150

- CPU Xeon E3-1270-v3 @ 800 - 3500 MHz (CPU Power Saving script)

- RAM 2x8 GB DDR3 @ 1600 MHz

- extension SATA ports, some "no name" 3x PCI-e to 2xSATA3 card (from China, about 12 $ for piece)

- data HDD = 10x Seagate 2TB, 2,5", laptop model @ RAID 5 (about 16,2 TB for use)

- Hot Spare HDD = 1x Seagate 2TB, 2,5", laptop model

- SSD Cache = 1x SSD Samsung PM871, 512 GB

- an old ATX case, native 7x 3,5" and 4x 5,25" position, with reduction its 22 positions for 2,5" HDD or SSD

- super quiet PSU 450 W, inaudible CPU fan, disabled front and back case fan (fans ON only when rebuilding RAID)


other Syno devices under my administration: DS211j , DS212j, DS 212+, DS213j, DS 216j

- all with last DSM (for old models its DSM 5, for 212+ and newer its DSM 6)

- all full of 2 TB / 3 TB WD RED HDDs

- all in RAID1 (for 2 bays NAS), ext4

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Case: Fractal Design Node 304 (6x3.5")

MB: Asus H87i-plus (6xSATA III)

CPU: Intel Core i7 4790 @3.6Ghz (powersaving script)


RAM: 1x8Gb DDR 3 1600mhz

PSU: Corsair Cx430

HDD: 2x6TB WD Purple + 2x4TB WD Purple in RAID 0


Power Consumption : 23w hibernating/ 43w iddle / 65w load

HDD temperature: 32 degrees Celsius with all case fans at full/ 36-37 with fans at 50%.(Ambient temp=24)

Noise level: HDDs hibernating /fans 50% =29db, fans 100%=39db

Noise level: HDDs iddle/ fans 50%=32 dB, fans 100%= 39dB (need to change the 14mm rear exhaust fan)


Main usage: download station and PLEX. Things to improve : another stick of 8gb ddr3, a pci-e sata controller, 2 6TB hdd, 2 512gb SSDs for SSD Caching, 2x92 Noctua case fans, 1 x14 Noctua case fan.Hope the PSU can handle all those hdds.


I also have a DS414 with 2x4TB WD Green and 2x4TB WD Purple in shr.

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HP N54L bare metal

DSM 5.2 5967


3x 3TB WD RED (WD30EFRX) Volume 1 SHR

1x 1,5TB green WD? Volume 2 JBOD


Audio Station - for music and childrens radioplay

LogitechMediaServer with Squeezelite (preparing now, hopefully soon multiroom music :mrgreen: )

File Station - for this and that

Photo Station - saving all our complete pictures which are digital available (reaches back over 16 Years, and still not finished :roll: )

SABnzbd - Downloading almost everything

TVheadend - 58" Panasonic TV as Sattelite>IP Server

Video Station

Cloud Station

Note Station (our big notepad in our family)


trying now mailserver and mailstation, but it's not that easy

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I now have 2 "servers" built from my old desktop gaming PC and a hand me down 2006 Mac Pro.


2006 Mac Pro

- upgraded processors to 2x Xeon x5355 (2.6ghz quad core), bought for $25 on ebay

- 20 GB DDR2 RAM (cheap amazon brand)

- running headless as an ESXi server

VM 1 - Windows Server 2012: for Active Directory DC

VM 2 - Windows Server 2012: sql server, sharepoint for learning

VM 3 - Centos 7: plex, rclone backup, and used for learning linux in general

- I'm considering running Untangled as another VM on this server


Gaming Desktop from 2009 repurposed as Xpenology NAS

- DSM 6.02, using Jun's bootloader 1.01 on a usb stick

- Asus P5Q-Pro Turbo

- modded Xeon x5460 to fit socket, overclocked to 3.8ghz with water cooling. (I should probably remove the overclock but it's been stable for years and I'm scared to change the settings now)

- 8 GB RAM

- 4 x 2TB WD drives (2 WD REDs are new, 2 other WD drives I've had for a while and repurposed)

- Coolermaster CM690 case. 3.5" bays are pretty much full but I could use the 5.25" bays with some brackets should I need to add more drives


I'm using the NAS to store pictures and videos. I do a little photography/videography so there are a lot of these. I'm also storing media for the plex server and the home folders for active directory users.


Since I have a separate ESXi server, I'm pretty much only using the xpenology as a NAS. I'm not running any apps on it yet. Fortunately the motherboard worked with xpenology as is. There are 5 sata ports, plus 2 more that appears to be eSATA, I'm not sure if those will work for additional drives.


Yes, I know.... my power draw is probably stupid.

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Motherboard : Gigabyte GA-H55-UD3H rev 1.0

CPU : i3-550 (2x3.2Ghz)


Onboard NIC : RTL8111D

HDDs: 2x 2TB SHR1


Jun’s loader: v1.02b

DSM installed: DSM_DS3617xs_15217

DSM updated: 6.1.5-15254 Update 1 (now running)



·         First tried with DS916+ loader/pat; NIC wasn’t recognized also not with extra.lzma.

·         DS3617xs worked out of the box without any modification.

·         CPU is reported as Intel Xeon D-1527 4 cores


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Motherboard : Intel DG31PR

CPU : Xeon E5440


Onboard NIC : Realtek® RTL8111-GR

HDDs: 2x 2TB RAID0 ext4 & 1x 1TB basic ext4


Jun’s loader: v1.02b

DSM installed: DSM_DS3615xs

DSM updated: 6.1.6-15266 Update 1 (now running)



·         No extra.lzma.

·         DS3615xs worked out of the box without any modification.

·         CPU is reported as Intel i3-4130 2 cores

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At home:

Jun’s loader: v1.02b

HP Microserver Gen8

Intel Celeron G1610T


4x2TB HD

Volume RAID5 Btrfs

DSM: 6.1.6-15266 Update 1


And some virtualized DSM's on ESXi 6.0-6.7.

Some clients with RS815+, DS918+ and smaller too.

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Jun's loader: 1.02b

Supermicro X8SIL-F

Intel XEON X3440 4C/8T


DELL H200 PERC card

4x2TB RAID 5 Btrfs

3x4TB RAID 5 Btrfs

DSM 6.1.6-15266 Update 1


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added H200 card....
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Mac Mini late 2014 

128gb ssd / 4G RAM / i5 with dsm 6.1.


power consumption: 7w idle




using mainly as a download station and as a Homebridge server in docker. I also have a Apple time capsule 3tb with all my data on it which I access from my Mac mini. Also noiseless and power efficient.


absolutely everything works great also Bluetooth and network teaming. The only thing missing is the driver for the built in wifi ac which should enable me to use it as a access point / ultimate portable HDD!



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