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Migrate from 5.2 bare metal to synology box



I have a HP N54L micro server bare metal install running xpenology DSM5.2


All is running well. I have 4 drives raided and then another drive which is a separate volume.


I am not technically minded and don't have access to windows machine.


Ideally I would like to move to Synology hardware as I originally took this on as a project and to see if I would use a NAS.


What I would like to know, would it be possible for me to migrate my drives from the HP server to Synology Bay and retain my data? If so how?


I'll reiterate I'm not techie. I did do a search but can't see anyone having done this before. Any help would be much appreciated.


Thank you in advance

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backup data always

I recently moved some drives from an xpe unit to an (old) DS411j - it went badly, I got the 'migration' option and prompt to install the correct DSM, however on reboot the unit 'died' with the blue power light flashing issue. I'm in the process of trying to recover it with serial console !

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Thanks chaps. I have created a backup from within Xpenology DSM and just awaiting delivery of Synology box. Thus far it has been relatively pain free. Initially I had a concern as data usage was approx 8tb and I didn't have storage that large for backup, but found cloudsync was eating more than half that. So post getting rid of dead data, created a backup which took a night.


I'll update you once I have an update. A big thanks to this site and members, I definitely would be lost if it wasn't for you. All your help and patience is appreciated.

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