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High FAN speed on HP350P Gen8 with p420i controller in HBA


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Hi al,


I have an issue with my HP ML350P GEN8 server which is quite a nice machine for virtualsation and usage as mass storage device based on its slot.

I want t use the raid controller as passtruth so tht Xpenology can manager my disks in raw mode also providing smart status etc.


I am using ESXI 6.5 and first enable HBA mode on the P420i controller (which means passtruth disk and disable raid), than i install june loader a vmware.

Adding additonal CPU's + the PCI card ass passtrtuth device. Immediatly when i start my VM the CPU Fans go up to 100% and dont go done when i shutdown the VM. Only solution is to reboot the entire machine.


Anyone else a clue or seen this problem ?

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