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migrate 2 drives in jbod to a new drive

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Hi all.

I have a baremetal XPEnology running using a mainboard with only 4 SATA ports. The first two drives are 6 + 3 TB which will remain there. The last two however are in jbod (1TB + 500GB) will be replaced by one new drive of 4TB. I like to migrate the whole content of the jbod (drive 3+4) to the new drive. Can I remove temporary drive 2 which I can miss for a few hours during the migration and replace it with the new drive so the jbod and the new drive are both there? If so what is the easiest way to migrate the whole contents of the jbod to the new drive? If I later remove the jbod drives and replace it again with the temporary removed drive 2 will all data be back? Is this a good strategy to migrate?


I also though about buying a cheap 2 sata PCIexpress card so I can leave all disks in place and start the migration but they are quite hard to find. Thanks for your advise in advance.

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You can not migrate a JBOD volume to anything else.

Can you copy the folder(s) from the Jbod-Volume to the volumes in drives 1/2 (is there enough space)?

If not:

1) put the new Disk in your computer

2) Copy date from Jbod to Disk in Computer

3) remove Jbod drives from NAS

4) put Jbod drives into your computer

5) copy data from new Disk to the old Jbod drives

6) put new Disk in NAS and create volume

7) Copy data from Jbod drives on the new volume

8) Remove old jbod drives from your computer.....


Alternative: If you have a USB Disk big enough to hold data from Jbod do the copy via the USB drive (connect to NAS and copy with DSM Filemanager, not with Explorer)

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Thanks for your answer.


I installed hyperbackup and created a local backup of the important remaining shares on the Jbod to Volume 2. With putty i verified the @appstore folder to see the content of it. This was appache 2.2 only and I stopped this application. After that I removed the jbod initialized the new harddisk recreated the shares and started the Hyperbackup restore. After that I reinstalled the stopped appache. Everything is working again.

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