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XPE tears down the barrier of wrong taylored hardware, which has either radiculous slow CPUs, wrong architecture or is just bloody expensive.


Why on earth would anyone want to port DSM to another arm based system that even has more restrictions than retail syno boxes?

The peer group having interesst in a arm based build is significantly lower than the peer group for x64 based systems.

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I think a Pi would be a great solution for a single disk NAS replacement via USB. (obviously not a replacement for a NAS w/ raid). If Pi could run xpenology, it would be a sweet rsync/torrent/download box with a great UI for file management (multi user too). Hook that up with cloud sync to google drive or amazon cloud, there is simply no other self-hosted solution that can do this (file management, cloud sync and download/torrent manager under one UI)

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Some original Synology hardware runs on ARM as the raspberry pi. So there must be possible. But when comparing specs about Raspberry pi and the hardware that xpenology users have (there are a lot of G7/8 micro servers and Asrock mini-it boards) the difference is huge. In my opinion the major advantages of penology are the apps and raid. In a raspberry there is almost impossible to run a raid and various apps at the same time.


The main problem regarding this issue is that running synology OS on a raspberry pi is another project than XPenology. From what I know, you must get the source and compile it for the ARM the raspberry pi has (there are a lot of ARM chips), and that is far beyond my skills.


So, to keep it simple: no, it's not possible

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