Guide to upgrade from 5.0-4493?

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I'm currently running a HP N54L and have been stuck on DSM 5.0-4493 Update 7 for a couple of years now.


I need to upgrade to a newer version to install Emby server, but don't want to lose any of my settings. (All my raw content is backed up)


I can't seem to find a process on how to upgrade from 5.0-4493 to the latest version of DSM


Are bootloaders backwards compatible? If so, I'm guessing I just boot up the latest and then upgrade DSM internally? I'm guessing it isn't as easy as that though!


Any help would be great thanks.

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You can backup your settings if that's what worrying you.


If you want to go to 5.2 then

If you want to go to 6.0 then followed by


Note: Make sure your hardware is supported, specially if you go DSM 6.0.


Good luck.

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