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DSM 6.0.2-8451 Update 9


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I'm using an HP N40L and using the same boot loader but after updating to update 9 the server won't responding anymore. Did an hard reset and im stuck at the following screen. How can i fix this?


early console in decompress_kernel


decompressing Linux... Parsing ELF... Parsing ELF Overlay... done.

Booting the kernel.

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@dutchnas first be patient and scan network / see router if unit has ip address. If so, wait. As stated time to boot and have web portal running seems to take more time.

I edited config file to force AMD boot, although should not be required


I've waited more than an hour but can't find the NAS with synology assistant even directly attached to the NAS without an switch in between, and the console has the same screen.

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dsm1 login:

System is going to poweroff.

[ 91.584013] Power down.



This is the log output during the update. Since the logs did not change for 5 Minutes i performed a hard-reset.

Appears that the box is halting, but not rebooting.


Appart from that: problem happend on two of my dsm 6.0.2 ESXi installations. Boxes came up after a hard-reset :smile:

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Just tried to update 2 bare metal test systems, one with a physical serial port and another without, to DSM 6.0.2-8451 Update 9. Both systems were using jun's 1.00 loader and both were up to Update 8 without displaying any problems. I never did take the boot loader from 1.0 to 1.01 because both were not having any problems. Both have been running for months. After going to update 9 both systems would not recognize network card on startup. Created 2 new thumb drives using jun's 1.01 loader. Both systems are back to normal with Update 9 using jun's 1.01 loader. In my test configuration Update 9 and jun's 1.00 loader appear not to be compatible.

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I am running a bare metal installation using Jun's loader v1.01, ASRock J3455M, Intel NIC, LSI 9211-8i IT-Mode, 6x 1TB RAID5 (btrfs).


Since it's a pretty fresh installation I hadn't disabled automatic update yet, so last night DSM installed update 9 (was 8 before) automatically. No issues at all, according to the system log the box came up within a few minutes after the update. No network problems either.


EDIT: Well, I just noticed that SSH and Telnet services seem to be broken, at least when accessing the machine from the internet via port forwarding. Duh...

EDIT2: Works fine one the local network. Still have to figure out why it didn't work from a remote location (that used to be ok, no blocked ports or anything).

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Just updated on Gen8 Microserver from up7 to up9. I'm using Jun's v1.01 loader.

Couldn't connect to DSM after the updated. Had to manually restart the server :sad:

Managed to connect to DSM but DSM http and https ports have been automatically changed to default (5000 and 5001) after the update.

Tried to modify ports but DSM didn't picked them up after multiple attempts. Eventually everything went back to normal after second restart.

So my conclusion is that it's not all straight and forward with update 9.

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Hi, I recently updated my NL54 from 5.2 to 6.0 and then update to patch 9. Now I noticed that transferring files from shared folders is slower than version 5.2. With v5.2 speed transfers was about 100Mb/s average and now the average speed is 30-40Mb/s. Anyone with the same problem?


Someone says that update 9 or 8 is the problem, but I don't know because i've updated to patch 9 immediately after upgrade DSM to version 6.0

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