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DSM 6 / Esxi 6.5


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it's done, and it's the same :sad:


Maybe something with the update 9. When i install the DSM, i perform updates directly and sometimes the DSM don't reboot ...


In my last try, i didn't make the update, and it seem's ok !


I'll try to get the update 8 to test .


nbn : sorry for my english !

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Update 9 installed ?


i have try differents installations without success :sad:


I have seen many post for the "perfect" installation, but maybe i am doing something wrong.


Can you (or someone) give your way yo install the DSM on ESXI ?


Here is mine :

- New VM

- Linux - Other linux 2.6(64b)

- vCpu and RAM

- Add synoboot.vmdk (V1.0 or V1.01)

- Add other hard drives

- Add serial port

- Add network - e1000

- Boot the VM and chose the last choice (ESXI), once it's done, it's for every boot.

- Wait a little, and go to http://find.synology.com

- Begin with installation, install vm_tools.


Question :

- EFI or BIOS ?



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- I imported june's bootload 1.01 with the vSphere converter.

- downloaded the vmdk from the datastore to changed the mac adress and made esxi installer the default option in grub.cfg (optional step).

- uploaded the vmdk to the datastore again. (optional step)

- added a direct-io storage controller to the vm and disabled memory balooning (optional step)

- added a 100gb vmdk on SCSCI0:0 (optional step?)

- ensured that the boot.vmdk is on SATA0:0 independend - non persistant

- adjusted ram and vcpu settings

- started the vm

- opened http://find.synology.com/ and migrated an existing XPE5.2 installation to 6.0.2

- installed open-vm-tools_bromolow-6.0_10.0.7-1.spk

- applied updates


The vm is pre-configured to use EFI.


I experienced improper shutdowns as long as i didn't had a serial port attached to the vm.

After adding it the problem was gone.


Updated to u9 today. Update went not perfect, had to reset the vm in order to start dsm after the update. Waited roughly 5 minutes before i resetted.

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it was availble here: viewtopic.php?f=2&t=24308&hilit=open+vm&start=390#p83660


Though, the download results in a 404 error now.


You could always spin up a spksrc container, clone the repo, switch the branch and compile it yourself...


...or you can grab a copy here :smile:

If you want to thank someone, it should be gits68 for patching it up, sharing the url to the git repository and compiling it for us :smile:

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just get ofsmount,

- mount the synoboot.img

- mount the second partition of synoboot, uncheck the read-only

- modify grub.cfg


and voilà :smile:


obviously, my approach was unnecessary painfull :smile:


I used vmware workstation to map the vmdk as a windows drive and went from there.

It's definitly nicer to patch up everything prior the import with vSphere converter.

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