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Mounting Hosts Storage in to DiskStation


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through some reasons I want virtualize Xpenology DiskStation on my Qnap in the Virtualization Station.

Some features are from the Qnap better other things are better in Synology, like cloudstation and surveillance station.


Is there a possibility to have direct access to the host Folders and mount them to the Synology virtual Guest to store the files from cloudstation direct on the Qnap.

Will be great to have a solution.


Best Theo

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Thank you Dutchman,


it looks like it works whit Remote-Folder.

I am at the moment bussi whit testing or figure out, how I can use cloudstation to sync in this remote folder in the qnap Server..

Interesting thing.


Any Ideas.


Best Theo

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Thank you Dutchman,


can you describe how you would do this?


Thank you....


Basically you can just use the standard instruction of synology.




Change to en-en for English




1) share folder on the qnap

2) mount to synology


Keep in mind:

1) you must have a volume in DSM to mount this folder to

2) you can only mount, not use it as disk


If you want to have a disk shared TI dsm isci link could be used but I think that's far away from way you want





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Thank you Dutchman,


same thought ind the same minute :wink:

I got it and changed something in the question above.

The Question is now, can the cloudstation sinyncronize in this remote folder on the qnap machine and will then all files natively be stored on the qnap.


If it works, we have, what we say in switzerland eine "Eierlegende Wollmilchsau" :wink:

Best Theo

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