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Any one running DSM6.0 on bare metal w/ 24drives?


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Edited: I have now found the FAQ that had been updated since my last checking the forum. I am reading through them. If anyone has a functioning config. similar to mine please do let me know how your set-up went and if I should be watching for anything while the upgrade.


Thank you.






As the title says, I have DSM5.xx running on bare metal, in a housing w/ 24 hot swap bays; all connected to a LSI controller. Currently running 8 drives and will expand to 16 next week.


Thanks to Juno's build, I have Xpeno DSM6.0 running on bare metal, as a test system. This is stable. No problems. Now I am debating if I should upgrade my production data to Xpeno DSM6.0 build as well...


But, prior to upping the count to 16x drives, I wanted to see if anyone is running 16 or more drives in a single chassis, Xpeno DSM6.0? If yes, would it be possible to share config steps please? Else, can someone please coach me on how I might update/config my setup to enable DSM6.0 to see 24 drives?


Thank you!

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