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i have the above board which is based on an intel atom D510, i've had it running perfectly on DSM 5.2 for over a year and i use it for file serving, PLEX media server and as a print server for an old Canon USB printer i have.


My question is, up until about 6 weeks ago, i had an app on my phone which I used to wake the PC when I wished to print a document, this now no longer works for some reason, i've checked the bios on the motherboard and its all as expected and i've tried various PC WOL apps as well.


Yesterday I decided to upgrade to DSM 6 (which went absolutely perfectly, thanks to the devs) in an effort it may fix my WOL problems.


What i'd like to know, is it still necessary to change the MAC on the network card as suggested previously and if so how do i do it? because i'm wondering if this is my issue as i have used the original MAC address from the network card.


Thanks for any help



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