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Filetransfer networkshare fast (1Gbits) SFTP slow 120Mbits)


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Hi all


I am running XPenology on a N40L with 5 4TB harddrives.

I have setup a raid 5 with a 1.45TB Netto storage.


I shared a folder and tested the transfer within the local network and i get a perfect speed between 80 and 113 MB per sec.


Now i have setup SFTP and connected to the FTP on the internal network.

When i transfer the data i will receive a transfer rate of 10 to 15MB per sec.


I have not set a max transferrate @ all so i would have expected a rate of 50MB per sec atleast.

But that isnt happening.


During the test i used the same file (1 50GB binary file)


All data is being send from the same machine. (data file is on a massive SSD)


Only differnts i now about is the protocol and i used the FTP to connect to IP

And accessed the share through DNS name.



Any one who has an idea what is going on and how to fix it?


I need more speed because i am using it as a backup for a small company.

My internetline is a 500Mbits and the small company has a Gbit line.

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