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Problem with DSM 5.1 on Hyper-V VMM ?


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Hi everybody,


I was installed DSM 5.1-5055 on Win2012 Hyper-V virtual machine. It's have 6 HDD from 1Tb to 6Tb capacity. All of HDDs connect to virtual machine as Physical hard disk through SCSI Controller.

One day I replace 1Tb HDD by 3TB HDD. The beginning, XPEnology alert the volume is degrade and 3Tb HDD appear in Storage Manager. Then I repair the volume using the new 3Tb HDD. But it not complete and 3TB HDD disappear in Storage Manager. :mad:


Check 3Tb HDD outside with host machine (Win2012), it dont have any problem. :smile:


Detach 3Tb HDD from XPEnology virtual machine, reboot XPEnology, shutdown it then Attach 3Tb HDD again, reboot XPEnology. The 3Tb HDD appear again in Storage Manager and i can creat new volume in it to save data. But using 3TB HDD to repair the original volume, it is fail :mad:


Any have them same problem or have any solution to futher check ?


Thanks for help !


Tri Dung

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