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Guide: Change serial number and MAC address


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What is the format of MAC address?


Just a continuous line of numbers and letters?

Or with - or : separating?


Also I can use the legit MAC of my mobo with the new method and generate a serial with the generator and it will show as legit?

And able to use all the Synology features?


You cannot use your hardware MAC address and get my synology to work it has to be in their format of assigned MAC addresses allotted to Synology 00:11:32:0C:##:##

You need to add them into your syslinux.cfg file using whatever method you like. Change the Serial Number then add mac1=001132OCwhatever number you generated using the spreadsheet from link in earlier posts. If you have more than 1 lan on your machine then add mac2=, and mac3= for the additional network ports you have. You only need to add mac1= if your machine only has 1 lan port. It does not really matter where you add the mac1= I placed mine right after the serial number.


I found that the spreadsheet works best if you download it and open it in libre office. If you refresh the sheet it will change the serial number each time. Same with page 2 of the spreadsheet for MAC addresses.

Save the file and restart the synology.

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Sweet thanks for the reply.


I'm going to build my Xpenology box tomorrow so just wanted to be fully prepared.

I got a MAC and Serial from that spreadsheet so will use both of them.


Just wondered if I could use my actual NIC's MAC address, but not to worry, I will use the generated MAC.


And thanks for the string, can see now its just continuous numbers and letters.

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i have tried to change my MAC Adress an the Serial Number with the sheet. After i will reboot the Synology, i checked the changes via the Synology Assist. The Serial has been changed but the MAC Adress is always the same as bevor (my real one). What did i wrong?


Update: Solved! THX

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Hi all


this topic is very interesting. I have tried to follow it and do the changes but I have not had any success:-


- My setup is using a VM with ESXi 5.5

- I have version 4.2

- I can not find the Vendor file on the VM machine

- when I try to mount sda1 I get an error that is doesn't exist

- I noticed that all mounted drives are md0, md1 and md2

- if I mount md0 I get the root drive which contains all the linux files but no vendor file or any of the files mentioned.

- I added the mac1= and sn= to the boot command manually but that did not change anything.


I need help please.

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I. For ISO boot file

1. Install WinISO (http://www.winiso.com/products/standard.html).

2. Open XPE ISO boot file (eg. "XPEnoboot_DS3615xs_5.2-5565.2.iso") with WinISO.

3. Select file "isolinux.cfg" => right click => Extract => Choose your temporary folder (eg. Desktop).

4. Open "isolinux.cfg" with Notepad.

5. Edit serial by replace string after "sn=", all must be same. Save file.

Zoom in (real dimensions: 706 x 394)Image

6. Select and drop "isolinux.cfg" file from temporary folder into WinISO windows => Choice Overwrite => Save and quit WinISO.

7. Boot your XPEnology with edited ISO boot file.

8. Check your result.

I tried to change my serial but when boot XPE it is error: isolinux image checksum error.

So could you please give some help

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Hello, I have a question, I have a PC with built onto the motherboard card, and install xpenology, now I've found with this guide, I'll format my usb for my installation from scratch, when I edit the file where the mac going and series, then with win32 disk imager I think the boot usb xpenology, we perform regular install, my question is who will take the mac I put in the file? or I have to go to modify another parameter so you can use the WOL or quick ....

Help friend

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