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Legacy nanoboot v5.0.2.4 x86 self-boot on hdd

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I'm using legacy nanoboot v5.0.2.4. Because my laptop with Xpenology installed is x86 and this is the latest version.

I would like to have this system self-boot on hdd, but many of the [How to] I found by Googling will not work with nanoboot v5.0.2.4 and I get a boot error.

It seems that boot kernel is the syslinux.. I boot from live cd(Windows), syslinux(x86) makes boot and the boot usb file is copied at third partition, and then reboot, boot error will occur.

(Moreover, the error is confusing because it is a grub booting error.)


How do I self-boot (without usb) on my system?

Ask for advice.


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