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(Solved) DS Photo (DNS) - Black screen using Chromecast


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I discovered a flaw in the DS Photo mobile app.


If you login using DNS name, and try to stream your photo to your Chromecast inside the app, you will get a black screen only.

If you login using your Quickconnect name, Chromecast works fine.

(I used my DS211 to test this.)


As, for obvious reasons, I want to use DNS name to my bare-metal XPEnology, I reported this issue to Synology on my DS211 device, but got no reply.


All other DS mobile apps works fine using DNS name, but not DS Photo.


My question(s):

- Am I the only one having this problem?

- Did anyone manage to solve it?

- Are there any other 3rd party alternatives for DS Photo that will work both internal and external with DNS?


For now, I uploaded everything to Google Photo, so able to cast it from there, but would prefer local storing only.


Appreciate any help or hints.


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