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Sorry if I'm going over old ground here. It was actually this forum which led me off on my initial quest because of a related topic. But I've failed to progress any further and I can't find the information I need. So here I am :smile:


What do I want to achieve?

I want my Synology NAS to download the latest updates for all my Steam games and distribute them to the multiple PC's on my network


What I'd really love to see, if possible

A Synology package which does all the hardwork for me and requires only a few simple inputs from me... the n00b


What have I tried to do?

I've tried researching a number of methods...



I ended up spending most of my time trying to setup this project (https://github.com/multiplay/lancache). But as I mentioned I've failed, because I'm stuck and I really don't see myself progressing much further because of my lack of knowledge regarding linux. I think I'm not the only person out there that would find something like this greatly useful, so whoever can help pull this off for us n00bs will get many kudos :smile: I guess this is where I put my hands together and beg for a saviour. Or to be more topical... Help me, XPEnology support forum. You're my only hope.

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I'd not heard of Docker before. After investigating I found that it's not supported by my NAS (DS214play). Which is odd as it's equal in power to some listed and runs on an Intel CPU.


Does anyone know of a forceful method of installing it?

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