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HP Gen8 Intel G1610T Microserver CPU Throttle (5.2-5644.5)


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I am struggling to get my Intel G1610T to throttle on a HP Gen8 Intel Microserver.


nasbox> grep "MHz" /proc/cpuinfo

cpu MHz : 2294.596

cpu MHz : 2294.596


I have tried to install the script 'S99PowersavingINTEL.sh' contents:




for c in $(ls -d /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu[0-9]*);

do if ! grep -q 'conservative' $c/cpufreq/scaling_governor ;

then echo conservative >$c/cpufreq/scaling_governor ;




in the correct folder and rebooted, but still showing the same CPU info. Any advise welcome as I am sure I am missing something, most likely quite obvious :!:

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