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Is there a way to access vmdk files for the data recovery?


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I'm new to this NAS scene and just made a huge mistake of storing my real data on the testing system without backing it up. :roll:

DSM is not showing my data anymore after the host system crashed and I'm just trying to find if there's a way to access the data directly from the vmdk file.


I setup DSM 6 using Jun's vmware image (Thanks for the hard work!) and everything was fine until the host computer accidentally shutdown. (My 12 months old boy pulled the plug..)

After reboot, DSM boots up but I can't see my data anymore. :sad:

Storage manager is giving me a danger alert with saying "One or more Raid Groups/SSD caches are crashed. We recommend rescuing your data by copying the files or running a backup task"

Maybe it would have been better if I attached a real HDD to the vmware but actually I created and attached two 200gb vmdks (fragmented) and setup raid 1 for testing purpose.


So I'm just left with those vmdk files but don't know what to do with them. (Tried to map on Windows and didn't work as expected..)

If anyone has any idea of accessing those vmdk files, please shed some light.


Thank you in advance.

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If you have enough real disk storage, you can copy the vmdk files to back them up before you start attempting recovery.

One thought: You can create a new virtual machine with its own virtual disk and install ubuntu. then attach your existing vmdks and follow the instructions on this forum and synology's on how to use ubuntu to recover your data...

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Thank you billat29.


I followed your advice and with some googling, I've managed to bring the data back. :smile:

I'll just share my story for someone in the same situation.


As you suggested, I created an Ubuntu vmware, attached the vmdks and followed the synology guide.

Well, that didn't work but it was a good staring point. It just refused to mount the raid array.

After trying different things from the google search, I finally found the working solution.

The actual data partition was btrfs so I googled recovering btrfs partition and this came up.



Installed btrfs tools and then ran the following command and it was all fixed. :smile:


btrfs-zero-log /dev/md2

(md2 was my mounting point for the raid array. might be different for others)


I copied the vmdks back to dsm vmware folder and everything came back to normal.


Hope this helps anyone. :smile:

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