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Resource monitor / No Network activity


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Hi all,


Been searching through the pages for anything on a solution to when the resource monitor doesn't show network activity.


Only cosmetic, obviously, because I'm connecting with no issues, but would be nice to see my bandwidth.


All other activity in the monitor is responsive, no problem. Just network sits at 0 up / 0 down.


I'm running 5.2-5592 on a ASRock H81M-ITX with an onboard Qualcomm Atheros AR8171, which is in the supported list for NICs.


If it matters, I'm running an i5 Haswell with an LSI 9211-8i sitting in a Norco ITX-s8.


For testing, i had created another bootloader running 5.2-5967 but didn't get any activity on there either.


Anyone know of any pages in the forum that are eluding me on this? When searching for "resource monitor" and "network", it's flooded with 6.0 pages documenting the issue where it gives different errors, which aren't applying to this at all.


Appreciate the help, and fantastic job on this project, as always.

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In the past the same thing, did it to me when own Synology DS115j, the only way to fix it was to reboot the NAS. Later with an update the bug seems to be correct, but searching in official forum and other webs, but trying some commands from ssh didn't work (like restart services or take own of some files).

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