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XPEnology as Docker container


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Hi all,


I'm thinking on running XPEnology in a virtual container on my server in a datacenter.


That would probably easiest if there were a Docker container available.

However I didn't find any. Searches always only turn up stuff about running Docker _inside_ DSM, but not running DSM as a Docker container itself.


My problem is: I have no idea how to do the "normal way to install XPE" (= boot from ISO) in docker as I'm not sure how to boot an ISO if your donÄt have a container to start with...

Probably taking a plain Ubuntu container and boot in that? would that work?


Has someone tried this?


Is a ready container image available somewhere?


BR southy

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with DSM 6 and Docker there is a option to use "Docker DSM", a second DSM in your DSM.



I couldnt use it cause i dont have changed to btrfs till now.. but i think there has to be a working Docker Image of DSM, or at least this thing will create such a docker image if you activate it. Maybe it is possible to grab that one and use it elsewhere.



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there is a option to use "Docker DSM", a second DSM in your DSM.


That is actually exactly what I was hoping for.

Question is just: can one take this container off from the Synology, put it onto any other server and get it up again?

As I do only have one Syno which is in production use, I am reluctant to mess with it...



You can't run DSM on standalone Docker. You can only run DSM in Docker that is ran in DSM.

Easy come, easy go...

Would be a nice project to find out what a standard docker is missing that the DSM container needs...

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