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USB HDD as Internal Drive - Xpenology DSM 5.2


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Hello Forum,


i am on DSM 5.2 beacause i want to stick with phpVirtualBox due to the incompability to DSM 6.0.2.

I have a Baremetal installation on my Intel NUC. Very fast and stable but i want to have DSM recognize my USB HDD as internal drive, so i can make custom shares and time machine backup (which is not available if it is recognized at the USB Port).


I played around with the Hex config at synoinfo.conf, but it doesn't change anything (even if i set everything to zero).

I followed this guide where some people having the "problem" to see internal as external but i want to see external as internal:



I tried esxi for vm but it is barely slow in comparison with a bare metal installation, so this is not my way to go.

Would be nice to "trick" DSM that my USB My Book 6TB will be recognized as internal drive!


Hope you can help me!



Edit: Another solution can be an NGFF to 4x Sata Controller like the DELOCK 54668:


But then i have to power the hard drives externally i think.


Thanks in advance!

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I dont know if you understand it correctly: The article posted above is not what i want to achieve. I want the "problem" what some people have: My External Drive recognized as an internal drive. I retried it but doesnt work.


If you understand my post correctly: What was your way to detect the external USB as an internal drive?

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