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Probable nas death and Migration help


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So my XPENOLOGY with C2750D4I seems to have died on me

I have tested ram and alimentation and they work on another machine.

(ipmi) is accessible but i can't get to remote the host (it says it's off on in sleep mode)

Every led is green and everything seems to power up fine

I tried multiple possible solution found on internet :

- clear cmos by removing cmos battery and power cable then press power buton during 30 sec

- clear cmos with clear cmos on the motherboard

- unplug everything (even cmos battery) and wait 20 minutes


if you have others ideas i would gladly test them but it seems i need to prepare for another motherboard.


This is where i need your help.

I want to keep my ddr3 ram and i have 6 disks in my configuration (and i want to be able to go 8 if possible)

I'm also using silverstone ds380 (so i need mini itx board)


can i go with Asrock J4205-ITX and sata 3 pci-x card (which one ? https://www.amazon.fr/Carte-Controleur- ... ata+4ports ?) can this solution work with dsm 6.0 loader ?( wasn't working with C2750D4I )

Is there something i must know when i plug my disk in the new config (it's a shr with 2 spares) is there an order or something like that ?


thank you for your help !

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