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Managing A disk Array from XPENoboot


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Hi all,

First, allow me to apologize; i'm a n00b.


I have a system up and running with XPENoboot that I love.


My machine has an Adaptec 6805 controller with 2 Chenbro 24 port SAS expanders.

This specific card cannot be set to present the ports as hot swap SATA, so all drives need to be added to the controllers config as JBOD.

On another machine that is hardware identical, i'm running Windows and Adaptec provides an application to do this online.

I'm trying to figure out how to install the Linux counterpart on my machine, but i'm kinda lost.


As it sit's every time I need to add a drive, I have to reboot and config it in the controller bios.

I am using this to present iSCSI LUN's to vmware hosts, so this requires a significant outage everytime.


I know adaptec has Linux vesions for all of the major distros, but I have no idea which I need or how to install it given this is so cut down/purpose built

Drives and info for the card are here:

http://storage.microsemi.com/en-us/supp ... /sas-6805/


I'm an MCSE and only deal with Linux when I need to, so i'm kinda lost,,


Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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