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TinyCore Redpill vm boots with USB but stuck at Booting The Kernel...


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I have followed this guide on how to build it on my vCenter7 virtual host with virtual ESXi7 hosts running under VMWare Workstation v15 on my AMD Epyc 7702 Dual CPU Windows 10 pc.

I have a physical DS920+ and want to build a virtual DS920+ to join together and get more Surveillance licenses. I selected to boot TinyCore from USB but it's stuck at Booting The Kernel... and Synology Assistant only finds my physical DS920+ NAS which is running DSM 7.0.1-42218 and that's the same version I installed with TinyCore. The VM's first hdd is SATA 0:0 (1GB) and the 2nd is SATA 1:0 (21 GB).


Not sure how to proceed troubleshooting this from here. Maybe issue with not imaging the usb stick with UEFI TinyCore img, and/or TC vm not selected to boot with EFI? I tried booting with SATABOOT instead of usb from grub menu but same thing happens. Your assistance would be greatly appreciated.

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That's the guide I followed thx. It has some USB work mixed in so at first I did those steps which later I learned were not necessary for ESXi. I got it working now in VMWare Workstation 15 though so that's good enough. I'm going to try and get DVA1622 installed in VMWare Workstation thx.

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