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Hello everybody,
I installed promox 7.2 on amd AMD Ryzen 5 5600G with Radeon Graphics.
Proxmox is installed on two sata raid zfs disks.
It has happened several times that while restoring a vm from a backup, the vm where DSM is installed crashes, and shuts down.
while the other two VMs running Homeassistant and a weather server work without problems.
I can't figure out why the dsm vm crashes, resulting in loss of disk data on which various dsm applications are installed.
Where do you think I could start from to understand what makes DSM insyable on a vm in proxmox?


during the recovery phase of a vm, proxmox almost always becomes unreachable.


I hope someone can help me 🙂

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How are made your backups ?

Do you take care to stop DSM before doing your Proxmox backup ?

DSM is not really made to work on virtual machine so it may not like to be hot backuped.

You could also consider to backup only data disk and recreate the loader each time.

how is configured your DSM VM in proxmox ? can you share a screenshot ?

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7 minutes ago, Orphée said:

Come vengono fatti i tuoi backup?

Ti prendi cura di fermare DSM prima di eseguire il backup Proxmox?

DSM non è realmente progettato per funzionare su macchine virtuali, quindi potrebbe non piacere eseguire il backup a caldo.

Potresti anche considerare di eseguire il backup solo del disco dati e ricreare il caricatore ogni volta.

come è configurata la tua VM DSM in proxmox? puoi condividere uno screenshot?


Hello Orfeo thank you for reply! 

the problem does not appear when i create a backup of any vm, but when i restore any vm.
I backup the VMs directly from the proxmox gui.
here is my DSM vm configuration:



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It does not answer to my question :

Did you stop the DSM VM before making your backup/snapshot ?

Some virtual machines are inconsistant when they are backedup started.

So : Did the backup made while DSM VM stopped or not ?


I suppose the sata0 is your loader, why do you keep/need the sata1 32Gb ?

You don't need the CD/DVD drive either.


If you use ARPL or TRCP, you may consider using virtio as ethernet card instead of e1000, you will have better performances.

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14 minutes ago, Orphée said:

Non risponde alla mia domanda :

Hai arrestato la VM DSM prima di eseguire il backup/l'istantanea?

Alcune macchine virtuali sono incoerenti quando viene avviato il backup.

Quindi: il backup è stato eseguito mentre DSM VM si arrestava o no?


Suppongo che sata0 sia il tuo caricatore, perché mantieni/hai bisogno di sata1 32Gb?

Non hai nemmeno bisogno dell'unità CD/DVD.


Se usi ARPL o TRCP, potresti prendere in considerazione l'utilizzo di virtio come scheda ethernet invece di e1000, avrai prestazioni migliori.


no I didn't stop DSM during the restore!
sata 0 is my arpl, in fact it is 500Mb, while sata 1 of 32 Gb is disk 1 of dsm,

however the problem occurred during the recovery and not during the backup.

While recovering backup , the proxmox server it seemed heavy, yet the cpu was not at around 24%

where DSM is installed is the applications



for the network card I set the virtio.

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Maybe you should stop using google translate or anything else, it seems you don't understand what I'm trying to say, or your translator mess everything.


Step 1: Stop the DSM virtual machine

Step 2: create a backup (DSM must be OFF while making the backup)

Step 3: start DSM just to test all still works

Step 4: stop DSM again

Step 5: try to restore the backup made in step 2 and see if it works.



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4 minutes ago, Orphée said:

Forse dovresti smettere di usare google translate o qualsiasi altra cosa, sembra che tu non capisca quello che sto cercando di dire, o il tuo traduttore rovina tutto.


Passaggio 1: arrestare la macchina virtuale DSM

Passaggio 2: creare un backup (DSM deve essere spento durante l'esecuzione del backup)

Passaggio 3: avviare DSM solo per verificare che tutto funzioni ancora

Passaggio 4: interrompere nuovamente il DSM

Passaggio 5: prova a ripristinare il backup effettuato al passaggio 2 e verifica se funziona.



OK all clear!
but is it better to install the loader on a usb drive and run DSM natively on my pc, without using proxmox?

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40 minutes ago, Orphée said:

There is no definitive answer to this question.

It all depends on your needs and your hardware.

If you only need DSM, maybe baremetal is easier, except if your hardware is not compatible with baremetal DSM.

thanks again for all the replies.
I thought baremetal was more stable than a vm on proxmox.

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