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Baremetal to proxmox issues

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Hi all,


Trying to migrate an existing installation to proxmox by passing through the onboard sata controller, problem is another controller is detected when mapping sata ports at loader creation (I think it's the SCSI controller you can't remove from proxmox), system comes up as new rather than being given the migrate option, can anyone assist? It worked great when I tried ESXi.

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2 suggestions :

1/ You switch from q35 to i440fx

2/ You set SataPortMap & DiskIdxMap acordingly with your needs.


But without a screenshot of your current "hardware" section from proxmox VM, it will be hard to asssit you.


Edit :

Except for the real SMART info inside DSM, do you really need to passthrough your sata controler ?


my actual configuration without passing through my LSI SAS card :


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Interesting, do you think migration would work by passing just the  disks as I don't want to start fresh.


Also, what do your variables look like? Sataportmap and diskidxmap?



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