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VA3221 prompt under pve: Detected non-synology recommended memory module configurations

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Recently migrated DVA3221 from esxi platform to PVE platform, everything is perfect, except after entering dsm desktop prompt: "Detected non-synology recommended memory module configuration".
ProxmoxVE: Ver7.2-1, my hardware configuration is as shown in the figure, I have tried to reinstall with various parameters, when the installation is completed with the dsm system and the storage space is created, and then reboot into the DVA3221 desktop again, I will definitely get this prompt: "Detected Memory module configuration not recommended by Synology”

After various tests, it was found that:
1. Whether compiling with arpl v1.0-beta2 or compiling with tinycore-redpill.v0.9.2.9.img, this problem will definitely occur as long as the model is DVA3221

2. dva3221 is perfect under the esxi platform, there will be no such incompatibility prompt

3. I have tried other models, such as DS3622xs+, the same hardware settings will not have problems.



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On 11/8/2022 at 11:28 AM, c_zs said:

I modified "support_memory_compatibility=yes", the prompt disappeared, but I don't know if this will cause other problems?

No. It's the best fix. Some modify the check script to return true, or disable the particular notification.

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