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DSM 5.0 to latest DSM available : Clean install without data loss possible ?


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A friend of mine has a N54L with very old Xpenology DSM 5.0 never updated.


I will not try to update his DSM step by step from 5.0 to 7.1.1 ... 6 loaders to build one by one to upgrade ...


Question is simple : In case I choose to create directly the latest loader using ARPL (or anything else), does the DATA will be detected and kept ?

I don't know if there is a big change in partitioning that would break to keep data available.


I don't care about DSM system settings, but If I can avoid to transfer/backup the data somewere else, it would be cool.


Thanks :)

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take disks out his system. take empty hdd load dsm 5 on there and put some junk data then create loader and test if it works (reads hardware fine, gets ip etc etc and you of course setup loader properly with right info) it should be fine to my understanding. No reason to not test though, its easy and fast to test.

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