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Dual boot - DSM7 + Win? or full virtualization?



Hi all. Have been a reader on the forum for a long time but this is my first post.

I currently have a baremetal DSM6.2 (shr 4 drives) where I run a couple vms working just fine with the JUN loader.

I am going to buy some new cpu(ryzen)+mobo+ram and I am going to try and migrate my NAS to DSM7 (I think that TCRP route will do the work) but my questions are more about how do you suggest the system to be configured. I would like to also have on the same machine a Win10 system for gaming. I would like to have windows installed on a NVMe drive and have my NAS HDDs exclusively to DSM .

1 - I am concerned about performance and GPU access so, should I create a win10 VM (using VMM)on my nas and play from there ? not really my first option

2 - Should I use some hypervisor like ESXI? and have DSM and Win10 working on it? would it be possible to manage the storage as I wish? would the gpu acc be fully accessible?
3 - Is it possible to make a grub dual boot and have the PC booting into tcrp DSM (nas drives) by default and have the possibility of choosing to boot into win10 (nvme drive). Seems the most sane and desirable option.
4 - are there any better solutions to achieve my goal? like KVM and VFIO? would it work on tinycore?


On another note, will I have problems using VMM with the ryzen cpu?

I appreciate all your comments and suggestions. If there are concerns I should be aware please let me know. Thank you for your time and effort.

Kind regards.

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How about virtualising DSM and passthrough your SATA disks.

You can do it in Windows using VirtualBox so gaming would be still good for you.

NAS is meant to run 24/7 so I personally think dual boot would unlikely to be a good option.

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Hi. Ty for the comment.


I ended up virtualizing it over proxmox. Best setup ever :) Have all my VMs handled by proxmox (using passthrough Win vms are FAST), LXCs with servers and docker services (including AgentDVR) and use DSM only for storage (HDD an SSD pools), VPN and download manager. Pretty happy.

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