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Update HP Microserver Gen8 with the latest SPP


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HI people, in the Ilo interface is currently on 2.4.0 of my Microserver gen8. I see there are new versions out there and I get a notification that AMS should be installed as well. So i thought would be good to go and update the entire machine using the SPP.

Is there any guide on how to install this on the machine? I cant really select DSM 6.0 as an operating system from the dropdown box on the HP website.

Sorry, i know this is a bit of a noob question but really like to update. Hope you guys can help me out.

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The SPP for ProLiants usually comes as a bootable ISO file. You can:


- mount it on a Windows/MAC machine and create a bootable USB stick (instructions can be found within the ISO)

- burn it on DVD and boot from this

- extract everything from it an install it within your system's browser


Since you're running DSM on bare metal you should give option 1 or 2 a try. Running HP sum won't work on your system...

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