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N40L DSM6.2 with 2.5GBe


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I actually bought a DS1512+ while I was taking the N40L offline, originally, I planned to get that at 2.5GBe but it doesn't work.  The N40L does though:



Jun's loader for DS3617xs (6.2-23739)

DSM 6.2-23739 from Synology Website

R8152 2.15.0 Broadwell Drivers

Silverstone ECU03 USB Card - sadly PCI-E Gen2.0 x2, I need a x1 so then I can try some faster RAID cards too

Sabrent USB 2.5GBe ethernet adapter


With a single 250GB SSD installed, I can read from the N40L at average 282MBytes/s, at this moment in time (just got it running) the write speed averages to 65MBytes/s.  So I am losing 1/3 in write speed for 2.5x the read speed.  More testing to come

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So took a chance and migrated from DSM5.2 to the 6.2 (above).  That went just fine.

The system has 6x 4TB drives: writing to N40L averaged 175 MBytes/s and reading 253 MBytes/s - single 60GB ISO file (see images)

For a $50 (AUD) adapter that's a nice upgrade

Write, N40L, 6x4TB.JPG

Read, N40L, 6x4TB.JPG

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So long term stability might be an issue, needs investigating (1GBe vs 2.5GBe over several hours).  I have ordered a PCI-E 2.5GBe (RTL8125B) card, see how that goes.  If all good I could then try the Adaptec 6805t, P410 and/or LSI 9260.  Perhaps the write speed will increase.

Ideal outcome is stability with 2.5GBe and USB3 support, if that comes off I'll sell the DS1512+

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So the system was up and remained stable for over 20 days, this was with only the 1GBe LAN plugged in - the 2.5GBe still showed as available though.  I created the auto task as per instructions online to get the USB 2.5GBe working after boot, worked fine when I ran script after booting and on 1GBe.  It did NOT work when booting with only 2.5GBe connected to LAN.  As I am running a PCI USB3 card, I thought maybe the script ran too early - trying to enable the 2.5GBe before the UBS3 card is even loaded.  As such, I set a delay in the script, now works.


sleep 1m
ifconfig eth3 up
synonet –dhcp eth3


Please note I am eth3 as I also have a dual 1GBe adapter installed, not being used.  It was still working after 24h, only went down as power company works meant I had no power all day today.  So I am thinking, when I booted with 1GBe on the LAN, then enabled the 2.5GBe and unplugged the 1GBe cable - the 2.5GBe then fails after some time.  Is it trying to default back to the LAN it started on?  So now that I have the 2.5GBe from startup all is good.


I will see how it goes over the next few days.  The Edimax PCI 2.5GBe has arrived, the chip says RTL8125AG -so fingers crossed it works.  Unfortunately I just sold my spare Microserver and I am hesitant to make changes (for testing) if this USB 2.5GBe stays working

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