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N54L could not found 5th disk.


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Hey Guys, 

I'm trying do the same Mod with my N54L. It is an old device if we can let it be performed some high-level performance. 

I have success install the DS2622++ DSM 7.1 on my N54L. There was 4 * 3T disk could be identify. I have few old SSD stick in my hand. I just wonder the N54L will not support for the PCIE splitting, But I found a card can support with one NGFF(Sata) & one NVME SSD. but the NGFF need connect with the 5th Sata port from mainboard.  

The card still on the way, I have another 2.5-inch SSD tray to be SSD cache for the raid. But I am facing the challenge is the 5th Disk cannot be identified in DSM. It is show connected in BIOS already. I also have flashed the MOD BIOS can show the south bridge setting in BIOS, But the 5th disk show in BIOS is the third Primary disk show in BIOS. 

I try to change the DSM Hard disk parameter, whatever for  




It still could not be found in DSM. Can any someone help to share the Hard disk parameter with me? or I need do some change in BIOS?

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