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Need assistance on setting up Intel NUC with arpl boot loader and SATA-DOM

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Hello all. I posted this on reddi,. but I think it might have better traction here.


First of all I have a 2011 Mac Mini work great using the arpl boot loader. It's been running great the past 2 days without issue. Registering the device is a different story, but not really a deal breaker. However, I feel that i5 dual core is holding me back. especially during indexing and plex transconding.

I'm ready to convert my Intel NUC NUC6i7KYK. It's an old gen6 4c/8t NUC with 16gb ddr4 memory and 2x 2tb nvme ssd. I feel that it is still a capable machine. Before doing so, I hope someone can point me in the right direction by answering a few questions to get me started.



4 core/ 8 thread gen6 i7

2x 2tb nvme ssd

16gb ddr4 memory

120gb, 256gb or 512gb sata ssd boot loader



1. How do I load the loader via SATA-DOM option? is there instructions online of how to get SATA-DOM option on the boot loader? I didn't see that option during the Mac Mini install. is 120gb sata enough? I have a 120gb, 256db and a 512gb sata I can use for SATA-DOM. is 256 or 512gb overkill for sata-dom? I'm clueless on this.


2. Should I load all options in the arpl loader in the kernel?


3. Is 16gb memory overkill? I feel that DSM hardly uses memory on my Mac Mini build. Will 8Gb memory suffice?


4. I should be able to span the two 2tb nvme drives, right? I don't need RAID1 since all data is synced to 10tb cloud service and as well as a 8tb external USB drive on demand.


I think that's all I have for now and I hope someone here can clear thing sup for me.


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