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How to install XPE on Theucs ?????????/


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Hello, now i have a problem with SYNO.


I have a NAS - Thecus N2520. Earlie - 3 years ago i install Syno (Synocus) on it. All work clear and nice. But. 2 days ago i have power outages and now - my megaSyno is lost.

In any case Assistant is work and can find my Synocus but, if i try to reinstall some .pat files - always error and said that .pat is not correct. So i understand that i have bootloader in my NAS without usage of any USB drive. I'll check my HDD from NAS - its work perfectly and i can backup some data from it with special programmes. BUt i want next^


1. 100% force install or /reinstall on new versions of XPENOLOGY on my NAS THECUS N2520 with saving data from HDD in NAS. Keep in minds that i cant see bios loading on my Thecus cus dont understand how i can connect it to TV. Also - i cant chose any points in grub menu if its neeed in setup, cus cant make visual setup with TV or something.

2. If 1-th point cant be usefull now - how i can force install Thecus ???


Pls help me with detailed information cus i cant see what happend with my NAS in flash progress.

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