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XPEnology on ARM hardware


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I want to install XPEnology on ARM hardware, armv7 quad core with 2GB RAM, something similar to DS1515.

What are the steps? I have kernel 3.x source and i'm willing to patch whatever necessary, but i'm not familiar to anything syno-related.

I suppose I can start with a DS1515 image, I need to replace the kernel, modules and initramfs, probably need to patch kernel or add a syno module.

Do I need to reuse existing binary syno module, so do I need some specific 3.x tree, or can I use any kernel version (can I use 4.x if my arm supports it?)


Would standard (latest) uboot work, or does synology has soem custom bootloader?


How about the rest of the DSM software? Is there any other check in place?



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