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Stuck on installing diskstation .pat file


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So i've tried going from 6.2 to 7.1 everything seemed to have gone well untill I got to you can migrate, it is asking me to install a .pat file, i've tried multiple but all seem to return the file is damaged. I am downloading them from the official synology site as is suggested.

bootload used: redpill 918+ v7.1.0-42668 


i've followed the steps from 



I've tried every .pat file that is that but all return it's damaged what have I done wrong here? 

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It would be helpful to give details of your hardware specs.


Even if there is no problem with the pat file or usb stick pid / vid, you may encounter a corruption error message.


The reason is that DSM is installed in junior mode.
 /dev/synoboot, /dev/synoboot1, /dev/synoboot2, /dev/synoboot3 are not visible in junior mode.


In the case of TCRP, it seems that one of the reasons for the disappearance of these partitions is a conflict between hardware during the junior mode loading process.


Most of these partitions disappear if a junior failure occurs after a 30 second wait in boot-wait due to a hardware crash.


What you can do right now is to minimize the hardware installed in your MOBO during the DSM installation phase.


Do not add anything other than one nic and disk.


After taking these measures, reassemble the mountable parts after the DSM installation is completed successfully.


If that part requires an ext driver, you may need to install one more part and rebuild the loader.

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