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DSM6 w/Jun loader-Virtual DSM Manager issues


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I thought I would go out on a limb and see if anybody has tried to use Virtual DSM manager with DSM6 under Jun 1.01 loader on bare metal. I was originally trying this so I could have a Virtual DSM of DSM 6.1 and mess with the new Samba AD DC packages, but once I kept messing with it I have found I am unable to get anything to run under Virtual DSM Manager.


I am able to load and create an image, but when i try to start it I get a failed to load error, then if I try to delete it, it fails to delete and if I attempt to remove the cluster it fails as well. I did find a way thru the CLI to break the cluster and thus forcing delete of everything it created, but it does not delete the data on the volume you have to do that manually from the @Repository dir.


If anyone else decides to have a go with this, the command I used to break the cluster so it can be removed is in this folder;




./etcdctl member list


and then remove it.

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Thank you for your post TWiST.


I have the same issue that you. I've used the etcdctl command to remove it the cluster.


I would like to add to your post :

1. execute ./etcdctl member list

2. Copy the ID, at the first information until the :

3. execute ./etcdctl member remove ID

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