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(Sorry, it´s a google translation)

Hello everyone,


I do not know from when but when I connect by terminal I unmount the volume1 where I have the data. I think, although I can not assure you, that it was the root of installing Tvheadend-test or CrashPlan.


I also realized that the "trash" does not work either, but I thought it was something of a permit.


Since DSM goes well and from remote access to the folders (samba), but when I get through the terminal everything falls.


I have a "volume1?" I do not know what it is and I also have a "volume2" that I think I know what it is, or it was, but I can not either.




1) much less important, is there any way to know when it was the last time you used or used "volume2"? I think a year ago I use it to mount an NTFS disk internally but I do not know if that or not.


2) important, how could fix the file system. Something has broken that DSM does not let me know, it says that everything is ok and "data debugging" does not fix this. I'm going to have to do it all over again ??


Thanks for the help



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