HP N54L Microserver - Getting Everything Working

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Yes - boot the N54L with the USB-stick in one of the USB-ports on the N54L.

When the N54L has booted from the USB-stick, you start Synology Assistant, it finds the N54L. NOW REMOVE THE USB-Stick!

Right-click on it in Synology Assistant and choose install.


Hmm.. what happens if you don't remove the USB stick? I missed this part. I was concerned something might have installed to it, so I reformatted the stick, put the DSM 4.2 image back on and everything still seems fine. Anything I should be concerned about?

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I'm in the same boat, picking up my N54l today bought on eBay last week for €160.

At the same time I ordered a super cheap usb3 card, £6 from china. If it works great if not it can go in my PC.


I'll post on here my results .

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OK guys I have managed to get my HP N54L Microserver up and running fine with 4x3tb WD Black Drives and 4gb of ram, I managed to get wake on lan working after a bit of research by modifying the mac address in the grub.conf file on the boot drive. I only have a basic understanding of linux and have only had my N54L for 2 days and info about Xpenology seems scattered (can't seem to get 100% correct info because of different builds, custom bios's etc) so I figured I would post this and try get some info from someone who has more experience with the N54L and Xpenology.


I'm using trantor's dsm 4.2 build 3211 v1.2 and the bays 41 firmware


1. System beeps not working...anyway to fix?


2. Ups support...usb/network? Can someone enlighten me on the status of this? (not a big issue my ups runs it for 2hrs but I would like the synology to auto shutdown if power fails).


3. Hard drive hibernation...I have read the usb needs to be ejected for the drives to sleep, the nas operates on a power on off schedule during business hours and currently runs a script 5 mins after powering on that ejects the usb drive boot drive (I still havet checked to see if they are sleeping properly). Is there a better/proper way to do this without manually having to remove the drive every day?


4. The perfect setup for me would be 4x3tb drives in raid10 with a hotspare in the 5.25" bay, 1-2 more ethernet ports, usb3 and maybe an ssd for caching, is that even possible? (e-sata?) the other idea I had was if you could have 4x3tb drives in raid10 and 4x1tb 2.5" drives in raid0 in the 5.25" bay and then have a raid controller and extra 1-2 ethernet ports. Can anyone give me some advice on that?


5. Give me your knowledge...if there is anything else I should know about Xpenology on the N54L? Hardware combinations, problems, scripts, packages etc.






can you let me know how you got wake on lan working ?? As I have been trying to get it working over 3G. Thanks

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@ fonix232:


Yesterday you wrote (in the now closed thread I started):

The reset issue does not affect us. This motherboard does not let Synology touch the BIOS settings, and such, it won't be any problem.

At least for me, it was never, and it was always my settings.


Then how come, that you in July wrote:


I have the same problem, the issue is that DSM, as it is a strictly closed-line product of Synology, expects the BIOS to be in a specific format it can edit (and not the AMI BIOS HP uses in my case, both on my fresh N54L and my hackology server that consists of the stuff in my signature). Now, this invalidates the CMOS, wipes all the changes (I for one need them, as I boot from USB, and primary boot device on this board is a Floppy device set even though there isn't on connected, and fails to go through all the devices to find the USB drive), and you're left with an unusable CMOS config that gets reset every time you restart.

Unfortunately this service runs real-time, so no matter what you do, power-off via pulling the plug, shutdown via terminal or GUI, the CMOS gets written and thus invalidated.


Now, so far I found only two solutions to counter this:

1. If you have a CMOS read-only pin, put a jumper on that madafaka. This should protect it from Synology's stupid CMOS-overriding daemon.

2. If you are good with it, try to modify your BIOS, hack around some default values, and set it up for your taste. I only recommend this to those who know EXACTLY what they are doing!


Another solution would be that someone finds the service that modifies the BIOS, and eliminates it. But I fear that this service might be embedded into many others and would possibly be bad to disable all of them.


So, is there or is there not a BIOS reset problem with the N54L and the hacked BIOS :?:


Back in July I was using a different server :wink: It was a HP MediaServer M8000n, using an Asus-made motherboard with AMI BIOS. Our motherboard with the N54L is a Gigabyte motherboard with dual BIOS, meaning if the primary CMOS is corrupted, the backup is loaded. But any time you save a setting, and it is correct, it gets saved into the secondary CMOS, and is loaded when the primary is corrupted by DSM.


Sorry, I had to change my signature when I switched servers, and thus that post kind of lost its meaning. I will correct it in a moment.


So for further note: I got my Synology server in the beginning of September, any post before this is irrelevant to the ProLiant Microserver line.


Seems I have the reset BIOS issue with a N54L, modded bios.

it keeps resetting after a restart / shutdown from Exp 5.0


might be due to 5.0 but reading the above from fonix222, it should not be possible to reset the bios by Xpenology as the N54L hasa dual BIOS.

Anyone else can confirm the bios resets when using power scheduling / WOL with 5.0? OR maybe has a solution?


thanks in advance

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Hello All.


Has anyone successfully tried a 6 Drive install on the N54L.

Please post comments.




6 Drive ? But, MB HP N54L support only 5 drive




Synology informed me in a letter that very soon disabled access to Quick Connect and DDNS (synology) for older versions older than 4482

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Finally took the plunge and bought my N54l yesterday with cashback. Quick question that I cannot find an answer to is what USB3.0 card to use in it? Is XPEnology picky with them?


I know this was an old question, but in case someone else like me was looking for an answer which was still not provided on this forum, then here is the one I found :



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