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Need Information on swapping out the usb flash drive.


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I have a server running Xpenolgy 7 working great but what do I have to do to change the flash drive. The one in the server has a broken case and a little flakey. Hopefully don't have to re-do the whole server. I tried to a disk copy but that did no good. Thanks in advance. 

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I know you built a DS3615xs using pocopico's TCRP from your last post. right?


It is recommended to re-record the version TCRP IMG file of pocopico to a USB stick.




Also, you may want to try my tool M Shell, which helps you use rploader.sh more easily.


Please download and build the loader again as below in Tinycore Linux.


curl --location "https://github.com/PeterSuh-Q3/tinycore-redpill/raw/main/my.sh.gz" -O

tar -zxvf my.sh.gz

./my.sh DS3615xsJ

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Hi I am stuck. I built my first xpenology server from a udemy course. It was DSM 5.2. The flash drive that the operating system was on accidentally was bent and no longer works. So now I have these hard drives with all my data and I have no way to access them. The udemy course taught me how to set up the files needed for DSM 5.2. Would anyone happen to have those files so I can set up a new USB flash drive? I really an inexperienced. And need help.

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