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24 minutes ago, flinia said:

I would also like to know if it works, some say only 2 cores are active at the time but another user that have similar board says it is working OK ? only the cpu is J3455 which is tha same unit as J4205 with lower clock.


Anybody ?




when SSHing into the machine you can see all 4 cores working. I think I posted a screenshot somewhere. The problem is that it's running at base speed (1.5-1.6mhz). Some people say you can lock it in at 2.4mhz, but for me it's not an issue.




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On 11/16/2016 at 10:09 AM, Elpee said:

Found nowhere. Where did you buy it?


I found 3455 board on Newegg. It took a while to get it, but I think these days it should be easy to get one.


Remember to buy the NON B version. It only has 2 SATA ports.




^^ I got this one. The prices went up by $25 btw. So look out maybe there are other boards you can buy. 


I have my eye on(maybe next year):




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How's it going with the ASRock J3455-ITX   (or did you get the "B" version).


You're saying, "running at base speed (1.5-1.6mhz)" is not an issue, because for your purposes you don't really need the extra speed ?


Otherwise, no major issues ?


Thanks !

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Dear All!

J3455-ITX asrock + ASM1061  2 internal sata additionnal card (for a total 6 HDD) is on the road.

 What image of DSM do you advice me?  DS918+ would be the best but I've read No loader is ready, so do you advise me DS3617xs or DS916+ ?

DS916+ is 4 HDD: is it okay to have 6?

Nota : For the moment I own HP microserver N40L (AMD base) with 6 HDD and an additionnal NIC card which locks me to DSM 6.0.2 DS3617xs




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Let us know how it goes. I'm thinking of using the same J3455-ITX mobo and I'd be quite interested.


By the way, for that answer you found - you're actually linking to  #comment-79185  on that page (the one in red), which is obviously not the right one.

Which particular reply were you referring to ?

Each post is identified by the ID # at the top right (it's a link actually)

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@kbarb I was referring to : "newer like j3455 which i usewith ds916+ image. "

I used the link of the comment as you described.


I should be able to start working on Nas on next Sunday. I only hope that I won't have conflict between the 2 sata chipset (onboard and on the added card is same ) asmedia 1061.


I don't know if hardware acceleration will work. I know that I will have to dig the serial number thread.

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Just built a machine with the latest Gemini Lake rev of this board, J4105-ITX.  It works perfectly baremetal, no drivers required.


A pretty nice XPEnology setup for a 4-bay NAS, 4x 2.5Ghz cores and 4 SATA ports for $85 USD.  Expandable to 32GB RAM (ignore the false 8GB limit in the manual).


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