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DSM Loader - Support Requests


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This is a re-post from the DSM loader thread, thought I'd put it here too.


Hi All,


Thank you to all the contributors for the new boot loader. I've just tried the vmware edition and so far so good.

The only issue I have thus far in my testing is the ability to detect my HighPoint RocketRAID 2720SGL controller which has all my disks attached.


@Trantor was kind enought to build the driver for me for the XPEnology 5.5 bootloader. The link to the post for this one is here. I tried to manually load that module in this version, but it complains of an invalid file format, so I'm guessing it will need to be recompiled for this newer version of DSM.


Would it be possible for someone to compile the RocketRAID 2720SGL driver for this version please. The direct link for the source code of the driver can be located here, if you would like to view the download page for different linux versions, then see here.


I'd appreciate the any assistance.


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I guess this should be the drivers request for the new Loader


Yes I guess it would make more sense but then again Jun's loader is based on a beta version of DSM and I am expecting that he will recreate a new loader when and IF Synology decides to release the final release of DSM 6.0. All drivers will most certainly need to be recompiled again and tested thus making this thread irrelevant or at best outdated and unreliable when the above happens.


To me these 2 threads namely "DSM Loader - Support Requests" and "DSM Loader - Confirmed working Hardware " are premature.

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